We conduct audit primarily to identify status of compliance and opportunities of improvement. We are independent, credible and objective. We offer:

o   Compliance audit
o   Management system audit

o   Due diligence audit





We develop leadership and technical expertise of your team, so that the different functions and levels of the organization can carry out EHS responsibilities effectively. We offer:

o   Brian Tracy Management Success
o   Brian Tracy Personal Success
o   Risk management
o   Chemical safety
o   EHS auditing
o   EHS laws and compliance
o   EHS leadership



We work with you to identify the actual and potential EHS risks in your organization, and provide solutions to reduce and/or control the risks. We offer:

o  Workplace safety and health risk management

o  OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System

o  ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

o  Indoor air quality management

o  EHS leadership building